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United Hearts Cultural Academy
UHCA a virtual place where learning, caring, love, culture, and respect come alive... 


United Hearts Cultural Academy (UHCA) offers  affordable Afrikan-centered educational opportunities. classes and conferences that enhance self-concept, and independent and critical thinking.

UHCA provides exposure to a more wholistic approach to learning. under the direction of the astute founder and CEO, Monzella"Mama Dee" Allen, MHS the participants in programs and/or classes offered will have

  • Interactive experiences that caters to different learning styles.
  • Involvement in a healthy atmosphere that encourages imagination
      and creativity.
  • Interesting field trips and informative presentations. 
Akoma Ntosoa
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United Hearts Cultural Academy (UHCA) provides unique cultural educational experiences. It is an independent virtual institution which advocates Afrikan-centered instruction and systematically operates with an Afrikan world view.  The concept of UHCA grew out of our cultural and spiritual tradition of "Each one teach one" and years of experience and  research. The development of Akoma Ntosoa: United Hearts Cultural Academy started in 2010. 
UHCA also promotes use of technology, attention to details, traditional, cultural and spiritual values: trust-love of self, principles of Maat, Nguzo Saba, Ancient Moor ethics, and environmental and universal consciousness