Something New-Stepping out there! : Stepping Out there, the Courage to venture into Something New

Something New-Stepping out there!

by Monzella Allen on 08/07/17

       Welcome, welcome to Mama Dee Speaks Blog
        The goal here is to exchange thoughts that heal, enlighten, and encourage. My background is so diverse, and often the thoughts I would like to share range from family, educating our children, taking proper care of our bodies, minds and spirit, to the state of the world. The exchange here will always be shared with love and mutual respect. 
     While I have never thought of myself as a great writer, I have been blessed with a certain degree of insight and the ability to be obedient to my ancestors. The American Heritage Dictionary defines "insight" as-- the capacity to discern the true nature of a situation  I  view having  insight as seeing a thing, as being perceptive. Yes, there are times, like with many of you, that how a thing looks or is perceived may not be the clear or true picture or reflect what is actually happening. I have learned  over these many years that evaluation and reevaluation are often needed  to clearly see a situation, and that re-evaluation definitely requires using our inner vision.
        The notion of doing a thing and doing it right  is much like the saying "practice makes perfect." I remember Arthur Hall during rehearsals encouraged his dancers to breathe, to believe we could learn a new step and to see the steps flowing together. Miraculously, what initially seemed complicated was made simple just by being in the moment. That insight helped me to use that knowledge outside of learning a new dance routine. I translated those instruction into how I communicated with my children and with children in my classrooms. 
      As an author and cultural educator, I have had opportunities to observe that how  we communicate with children and with each other  is vitally important. The messages we send, receive, and accept impact our thoughts and behavior.  The impact can either be negative and debilitating or be positive and inspiring. Each of us could benefit from just breathing slowly and know that deep within we actually know what to do, especially if we are obedient to that healthy inner voice, to the whispers of our ancestors. Okay, I admit there are those who ask what if the inner voice is telling you to harm yourself or others. My response is seek help, seriously. The whispers I am speaking of come from being in tune with the ancestors and not drug induced or trauma related. Many  people suffer from having trapped Chi (energy) which  can be painful and can  in some cases help create distorted thinking or interfere with sound decision making.  This is where seeking something new, stepping out there is necessary. 
     Whether the something new is changing the way one eats, or taking a meditation class,  journeying, or even realizing that your body needs work, the something new might also include experiencing a rejuvenating Tui Na session at the Amadi Wellness Connection. One of the many hats I wear is that of a skillful tui Na massage therapist. Visit the website to find out more about Tui Na.
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Have a Blessed day

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1. Abena said on 8/7/17 - 04:35PM
Interesting concept. It is always an adventure when you move out and attempt something nee, even if it is just a new way of thinking. thank you for sharing

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